In my opinion, Austria is one of the most beautiful countries on earth. Countless summers and winters I toured the snowy peaks, the green pastures and turquoise rivers of the stunning alpine country. Two times even as a house sitter.


The first time we were booked for five weeks. The second time for six months. Both times for the same houseowner. The first time without own dogs. The second time together with Tia and Sandy.


At the Kalvarienberg in Bad Ischl, the old farmhouse was enthroned in front of the breathtaking mountain scenery of the Salzburger Land.

The green-blue shimmering Ischl rippled along, not far from the house. The alpine pastures, mountain lakes and forests of the near and far surroundings, were hardly to be surpassed, not only in beauty, but also in dog-friendliness. No shore was overbuilt. No fence blocked our bare paws and feet the way into the water. We felt wild and free and spent so much time in nature, as in hardly any other country.


But of course we didn’t come just to vacation. We were booked as housesitters. Our charges were named Diggory, Reg, Milli and Jane. Diggory and Reg were two former street dogs from Cyprus and exactly in Tias and Sandys age. The four dogs hit it off right away. They got along so well that they even formed pairs. Tia fell in love with the cheeky Jack Russell Reg and Sandy fell for the shy Diggory. Milli and Jane, the cat ladies of the house, were used to dogs, showed no shyness and spent their days in the huge garden and the evenings with us on the couch.


In total, we lived as house sitters in Austria for over seven months and bring back only the most positive memories. In addition to daily life in the Salzburg area, we also had the opportunity to travel to Vienna, the Grossglockner, and even as far as Venice, due to short periods of presence from the homeowner. We experienced Austria, whether in the city or in the countryside, as incredibly dog-friendly. Both humanly, culturally, and in terms of the opportunities that nature offered us.