Our Barcelona trip began in Cologne. We were just partying in a club to quite spheric music. We danced our souls out. Suddenly, a bit in a trance, I felt like I was in Spain. Although I hadn’t been there since childhood and actually had no connection to this country, it was like an insanely intense calling. “Go to Spain!” Instantly I said to my, until then, platonic friend: “Sören, we have to go to Spain as soon as possible”.

Even when we left the club in the early morning hours and made our way on foot to his apartment, I couldn’t shake the feeling, that we had to go to Spain. It was crazy. I didn’t even know the cities of Spain. The next morning, we sat down in front of the computer and looked up flights. We had absolutely no idea about the country, but decided to book the next possible flight. This one went to Barcelona.

Barcelona has a special place in my heart, because on our first trip together, we conquered this beautiful city for a month. We flew there as singles and came back together. So this is where the wild journey around the world began, together.

We stayed in a small hotel, right on the Rambla and within walking distance of La Boqueria market. Every morning we had breakfast there. The days we spent on the beach or visited the area. The nights we spent in the countless bars, got drunk senseless and smoked what the lungs held out.

In fact, never in my life, not before and not after, have I been as relaxed and happy, as I was in Barcelona. Never before have I traveled with such a wonderful travel-mate and had the fun of my life, every single day. I am grateful for this experience, as it taught me, that life can be good, without turning bad again.