Over the course of three months, we embarked on a car journey, spanning 1500 miles along the scenic expanse of the American West Coast.

After a month in Seattle, we rushed on a trip that took us through the picturesque cities of Portland, Seaside, Cannon Beach, Crescent City, and the Redwood National Park, before winding our way to Sausalito, San Francisco and Berkeley, where we resided for six weeks.

Thereafter, we continued on a relatively quick drive to Las Vegas at 45-50 degrees, before jetting off to Hawaii, where we spent the remainder of our 90-day visa exploring the enchanting northern South Pacific.

From Honolulu, we hopped on a feeder flight to Sydney, Australia, before catching our connecting flight to our ultimate destination, where we intended to utilize our working holiday visa in New Zealand.

When I sat in my little closet and told both my boyfriend and my family about this spontaneous plan, they first laughed at me in disbelief, thinking I was joking. However, I am rarely in the mood for travel jokes, and so a few weeks later, I and the mentioned boyfriend were sitting in the plane on the way to Seattle.