I`m gonna pray my way out, winds and storms, they’re just add-ons
I`m gonna keep my wheels red heels hiding back in waggons
Felt their desire, admiring, firing right through we’re just patterns
I`m gonna weep away the tears falling like Rolling Stones.


I`m gonna sleep a week and pray I didn’t sleep at all
I`m gonna wipe away your seed, preventing it to grow
They try to hire me, fire me, luring me tired yes with their bones
I`m gonna weep away the fears growling like Rolling Stones


Forgotten there’s something so strong within
Forcing me tired all over you
Dreaming of leaving the world alone
Without you believing the end of receiving kills me through a mountain, falling on you
Keeping me wired away from the bone
Seeding in something around and wallowing through them like Rolling Stone