We have come from Las Vegas. We are in Honolulu. We will be flying to Sydney.

For the first time in Hawaii. Oahu. Only 11 days remain until our 90-day US visa expires. Most of its days spent on the US west coast. Now we have 11 nights left in Hawaii. And already when we land in Honolulu, our hearts are bleeding. 11 nights are much much much much too short. The perfectly tender breeze. The Coco palms. These shades. These waves. These jungles and rocks and cliffs and people. And this tiredness inside us. This weariness. This sleepiness.

When we stroll along the promenades, it feels like we are the wind. Because its temperature seems to be exactly the same as the surface of our skin. When we touch the water with our bare feet, it feels like being the water. When we wearily close our eyes and just sit there, it feels as if we are everything and nothing at the same time, because we seem to feel the void. The Void. And so we stroll across Oahu. Sometimes we sit here. Sometimes we lie there. Sometimes our eyes are open. Sometimes they are closed. I know only one thing: When I’m back to consciousness and have stopped all the dreaming, I’ll be waking up in Paradise.


Follow Up

Our apartment in Honolulu

Our rental car


Our favorite places:


Makapuu Beach

Halona Cove

Diamond Head

Puʻu ʻUalakaʻa State Wayside

Ko’olau Mountains

Pearl Habor Historic Sites